Thursday, 8 July 2010

Turning off your pc from your mobile

I heard and read  about this feature a few days ago in one website and i'm happy in informing you and it would surely interest you.With this method you can switch off,restart and hibernate your pc by simply sending an email from your phone.Sounds really cool know!!!For this,first you need to have the microsoft outlook with the microsoft office in your pc which you want to shutdown.

Here are the steps:
*First you are going to need the batch file needed to hibernate,restart and shutdown your pc.You can either create them manually or download and extract the zip file from here.You should extract this to your c drive.
*Then,open microsoft outlook and check and make sure that you have already configured that with your active email address.
*Now we need to make the settings in outlook that it checks your email for every 1 minute.
*Do this by Tools->options->mail setup->send/receive button.
*Check that the Schedule an automatic send/ checked and set the number of minutes to 1.
*Then go to Tools->rules and alerts..and then click on the options button in the upper right corner and then click the import rules option.
*Now select the shutdown.rwz file that was found in the sms functions file that we just downloaded.
   *Now,if you send an email from your phone with the subject smsshutdown%%,your computer will shutdown.
You can also define your own rules and then create a own batch file of yours and specify the statement which you should send to trigger that option.
Steps for creating your own statement:
*Select newrule->select start from a blank rule radio button->Check messages when they arrive.
*Select a trigger by checking its box,press next.
*Now select start applicaton,and under the step 2,select the underlined word application.
*Now finally select the batch file and you're done..
If you have and doubts or clarifications,you can visit the website


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