Saturday, 10 July 2010

Accessing gmail in offline mode..

Hi friends,well,at present gmail is the most powerful email server than the others in this field.We all might have an email account of our own and majority of us use the gmail account for handling their mails.Technology has improved so much that we can even check mails in our mobile and get live sms alerts in our mobile.We may exchange some important information over the internet through the email service of gmail,but when our internet connection is down all of a sudden then,we may not be able to check mails and might lose some important conversations or reports.
So,at present google released the mail checking and using the gmail accounts in offline mode.This would be a great treat for frequent gmail users.But one disappointment is that you cannot send mails from this feature,but you can read the mails received and perform all other operations.Now we can see the steps for configuring for this process.

Steps to access gmail in offline mode:
1.To access gmail in offline mode,you must first install a software called google gears,but google chrome browser users don't need to install this software as its already installed in chrome browser.
2.After its being installed,go to the settings->labs and then enable the offline feature in that.
3.Gmail will reload right now and you can now see a new option 'offline' in the top right corner in the gmail window.
4.Now,click on the offline option and the google gears will throw you a warning that is trying to access the google gears and its harmless,so you can grant permission to access your account.You will get it similar to this.
5.Now,gmail begins downloading your mails from the gmail server through the google gears interface.Dowing the trash and the spam folder and so we have no problem and the number of emails would be surely enough for us.
6.Depending upon your connection speed,your donload will be done in some particular algorithm such as,"Mails from last 2 years" or first 10000mails and the algorithm purely depends upon your total mails in your account.At an total google will download the 10000mails for us excludwnload will happen and you can leave your computer and do your work.
7.Gears will also ask you for a permission to create a shortcut icon on your desktop from which you can directly access the gmail after doing the offline installation.
8.I must also tell about another feature that gmail provides.Its the flasky connection mode.In this method you can continue to use gmail in your asusual method and gmail will determine whether you are in offline or online mode without yourselves knowing about it.
9.If you send any mails in offline mode,then gmail will store them in your outbox and after you come online,the mails would be send and you never know anything about it.You should always keep this setting on.To do this,click on the gmail offline mode next to the settings option and then the option can be enabled.

This is realy a great feature provided by google to users on the cloud computing to check their mails even without an internet connection.I think that really a great amount  of people having vulnerable internet connection would  make use of this feature.If you want any help in this please ask in comments.