Saturday, 18 September 2010

My experience with the Ethical hacking workshop conducted by InfySEC..

Hi friends,yesterday(18.9.10) I attended ethical hacking workshop managed by a security company named INFYSEC.It was great and i learned many new terminologies and became a part of being an ethical hacker.They thought me, about the various terms used in ethical hacking field,about email and ip spoofing,how to protect the atm cards from banktrupcy and from stealing your atm cards and learned how our email can be easily hacked and about the vulnerability in the wireless routers and in the ADSL modem connections.

It would have been better if they would have included some demos to demonstrate the actual hacking process and also they could have given some tools.But,for an entry level(level-1)workshop,its was okay..Also,I learned the concept of mobile hacking in which a call can be done to your mobile number by an anonymous person but the contact name showing one of your friends'.By this technique,the attacker can reveal your confidential/secret information of your credit cards,debit cards,etc...

ATM/DEBIT card hacking is done in the prowl recently all over the world.Here,the atm card is got from the vicitm and then swiped in card reader which has a memory card  in it and then after swiping,the card reader is connected to the pc and all the info of the card is taken easily and then some fake blank card is inserted and then data can be easily copied in to the blank card as easily as copying your movies and films..In a short span your money will be flying on the attacker's hands..It's 100% working..
Watch this video for more info Play

Tips to avoid the steal of your ATM/DEBIT card:
1.Keep your debit card in your sight range
2.Don't give your card to any unknown persons
3.If you lose your card,then immediately inform the bank authorities to hold the account and they would find the culprit.