Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Software to easily increase your windows xp boot speed...

Sometimes we will get angry seeing the time our system takes to boot the operating system.Even,I have experienced it.So,while surfing across the internet with the aim of finding a solution for this,It seems that a company have created a software named Soluto(Name is cool,isn't it).You can download it here.Its a cool looking software which you would surely like during your usage.
Working of the software:
*This software supports all the entry level and the old systems.
*The work done by this software is,it starts during your boot and then categorise your startup programs according to the recommended requirements for proper working of your operating system.
*You can either pause or delay the operation of the start up programs.Pause option is recommended for the novice users and delay option is suitable for advanced users who know which program to delay and which program should remain.
*Your computer may have unwanted startup programs which may not be used by you or by the system but it takes more of the cpu process utilization,thereby slowing up the boot up process leading us to frustration.
*Thereby,from this software,you can look for the unwanted startup programs and clean them by yourself.
Then,the process of implementing fast boot:
*When the software has finished installing,it asks for restart of your system.You can either restart using the software or you can restart manually later.
*On the boot after restart the desktop,at the startup,shows a curl at the lower left hand side and then the software loads your startup programs.

*The most coolest part here is that,it also shows us the time taken to boot up our pc and when we pause or delay the start up programs the time also reduces,and so a faster boot.
*In the next step,you can see the list of your startup programs listed within some minutes and then you can pause or delay the start up items.
The next cool feature in this software:
*The next coolest feature in this software is the ongoing frustration research and the My pc just frustrated me option.
 *Ongoing research option is used for researching your programs to notify you about the recent most resource consuming application during the runtime of your pc.
*'My pc just frustrated me option' Shows the frustration suspects that is taking more cpu utilization and that is not essential for the smooth running of your pc.

So,with this program you can considerably increase your pc boot time and thereby saving your time and also your frustration.I have seen some programs in internet like boot timer,but this is the best of all i have found.Just give it a try and see the difference for yourself....

Sunday, 11 July 2010

Fixing your system for maintaining error free,smooth running system.

All of our main concern will be "How to optimize the system to run fast ever".Now we can find the solution for that.If you follow the below tips,i'm sure you can keep your system error free without any tools and at no extra cost.Even using of some complex tools available over internet may fix your errors,but they may cost more and so we can make use of some free optimization tips available in windows xp itself.Most of the options are available from Start->Allprograms->Accessories->Systemtools foler.
Now the steps to perform this optimization:
The defrag option can be found in the above said option.Defragmentation is the important thing we should take care to make our programs running faster and smoother and also to reduce to disk space of our hard disk.We might have installed more songs,files and videos and that may have fragmented our hard disk by spreading out here and there in our hard disk.So,we have to perform this defrag operation to arrange these scattered files in proper order and thereby reducing the diskspace in our hard disk.
Your disks should be checked frequently for some errors due to bad sector arrangements in your hard disks.And we may need to perform the chkdsk utility either through disk check or through typing 'Chkdsk' in the command prompt window.This may prevent frequent crashing of programs.
You must clean your registry after installing or uninstalling any software from your pc.Because some registry links may be left in your pc unused even after you have deleted the software using it.So use some good registry scanner like registry mechanic.This can greatly improve your system speed.But you should never delete the registry key files that keeps your windows system running.It's better to use software to clean the registry rather than doing it manually
If you have internet connection,windows update is a must for keeping your pc running securely staying away from security threats spreading all over the internet.It updates your pc regularly with the latest released patch files from windows and keeping your pc up to date.You can visit this link for windows update in IE 7 or 8 to know more about the updates needed for you.
Tweak UI is an program which allows you to customize your pc windows by giving you many options that most of the other programs don't give you.This software is designed by microsoft itself,so you can be confident of changing your settings through this.Download this software.
Disk clean up can be performed in the properties dialog box of any disk drive.It is a must and should be done in every 2 weeks to keep your drive free from unwanted temporary files and recycle bin files.Temporary files are created when we install any files or sofwares,when we browse internet and when we perform some actions in our pc.
Hope this would have helped to speed up your pc..

Improving the windows xp shutdown speed

Sometimes,we may want to get off our seats faster and want our pc to shutdown faster.Here is an easy description for you to increase your pc shutdown speed.This tweak forces the programs to shutdown automatically so that there is an increase in your shutdown speed.
1.Go to Start->Run and then type 'regedit' in it.
2.Find 'HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop\'
3.Select 'WaitToKillAppTimeout'
4.Right click on it and then modify the value to 1000.
5.Click ok.
6Now, Select 'HungAppTimeout'.
7.Right click on it and then modify the value to 1000.
8.Click ok.
9.Now select'HKEY_USERS\DEFAULT\Control Panel\Desktop\
10.Select 'WaitToKillAppTimeout'
11.Right click and then  modify the value to 1000.
12.click ok.
13.Now, find,'HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\System\CurrentControlSet\Control\'
14.Select 'WaitToKillServiceTimeout'
15.Right click and then modify the value to 1000.
16.click ok.
17.Now,you're done,and you can see a significant shutdown speed improvement in your pc.

Saturday, 10 July 2010

Accessing gmail in offline mode..

Hi friends,well,at present gmail is the most powerful email server than the others in this field.We all might have an email account of our own and majority of us use the gmail account for handling their mails.Technology has improved so much that we can even check mails in our mobile and get live sms alerts in our mobile.We may exchange some important information over the internet through the email service of gmail,but when our internet connection is down all of a sudden then,we may not be able to check mails and might lose some important conversations or reports.
So,at present google released the mail checking and using the gmail accounts in offline mode.This would be a great treat for frequent gmail users.But one disappointment is that you cannot send mails from this feature,but you can read the mails received and perform all other operations.Now we can see the steps for configuring for this process.

Steps to access gmail in offline mode:
1.To access gmail in offline mode,you must first install a software called google gears,but google chrome browser users don't need to install this software as its already installed in chrome browser.
2.After its being installed,go to the settings->labs and then enable the offline feature in that.
3.Gmail will reload right now and you can now see a new option 'offline' in the top right corner in the gmail window.
4.Now,click on the offline option and the google gears will throw you a warning that gmail.com is trying to access the google gears and its harmless,so you can grant permission to access your account.You will get it similar to this.
5.Now,gmail begins downloading your mails from the gmail server through the google gears interface.Dowing the trash and the spam folder and so we have no problem and the number of emails would be surely enough for us.
6.Depending upon your connection speed,your donload will be done in some particular algorithm such as,"Mails from last 2 years" or first 10000mails and the algorithm purely depends upon your total mails in your account.At an total google will download the 10000mails for us excludwnload will happen and you can leave your computer and do your work.
7.Gears will also ask you for a permission to create a shortcut icon on your desktop from which you can directly access the gmail after doing the offline installation.
8.I must also tell about another feature that gmail provides.Its the flasky connection mode.In this method you can continue to use gmail in your asusual method and gmail will determine whether you are in offline or online mode without yourselves knowing about it.
9.If you send any mails in offline mode,then gmail will store them in your outbox and after you come online,the mails would be send and you never know anything about it.You should always keep this setting on.To do this,click on the gmail offline mode next to the settings option and then the option can be enabled.

This is realy a great feature provided by google to users on the cloud computing to check their mails even without an internet connection.I think that really a great amount  of people having vulnerable internet connection would  make use of this feature.If you want any help in this please ask in comments.

Friday, 9 July 2010

Cleaning the recycler virus/autorun virus from the USB flash drive

Nowadays this virus is mostly spreading across worldwide and almost every USB flash drive gets affected by this virus.And if you scan it with any antivirus,it will show that it has been deleted but it never gets deleted.This Recycler virus named as Recycler virus / BV:AutoRun-G[Wrm] is a major annoying threat in the present flash drives and it wont get completely removed even after formatting your drive and manual deletion again regenerates the file.So,i found a software in the internet which can prevent your USB drive from the recycler or the autorun.infection.Actually,this can't completely remove the virus,but can partially remove and then lock the autorun.inf from creating any other damage to your files in the pendrive or pc.

Steps in cleaning the autorun.inf virus from the USB drive:

1.Download a software named flash disinfector.Its available of free download and install it in any non windows drive.
2.Install it,then during the run time,it will ask you to insert your USB drive and insert the drive.
3.Clicking on your drive will make your Desktop blank,don't worry,actually its temporarily locking all of your process and cleaning the autorun.inf file.

5.It will surely remove the autorun virus and yet its a partial removal only.As I said above it will not completely remove the virus,but will partially disinfect it and then lock the virus and keep it in a separate file in your USB drive.
6.Don't delete that file,otherwise the virus may unlock and reenter into your drive again and can infect your system.
Note:The infection of this virus creates multiple folders in your pc named as newfolder and you cannot delete that folder.Even some antivirus can't find it.It will use up many of your disk space and will drink lots of your cpu utilization and then slowly enters into the windows registries and creates fake keys and changes the access control from the administrator(you) to the virus,you pc will get slowed down and crashed frequently and finally your windows might get corrupt,so its safe to demobilize this virus/worm as soon as possible.

Using USB flash drive as a RAM in windows xp.

Hi everyone,we all know how to use RAM booster in windows 7 and windows vista for using the USB flash drive as a virtual RAM to boost up your pc.Recently i found a software on the net which can run on windows xp,me and 2003.It would be more useful for those who have windows xp running on old systems which tend to be slow during processing.

The software used for this is the eBoostr and its available for free download.You can download it HERE.Only the trial version is available for free download.The trial version can run only for 4 hours from the start of your pc,however you can restart your pc after 4 hours and use it for another 4 hours and so you can run the evaluation version all thorough your life.You need to have USB 2.0 ports as the lesser versions lags in speed when used with this software.Its very handy and portable and the latest version eBooster 4.0 is only 3.5MB in size.So,all xp users,use this software and see a dramatical increase in your pc.
NOTE:This software is tested and doesn't cause any damage to your USB flash drive.

Thursday, 8 July 2010

Turning off your pc from your mobile

I heard and read  about this feature a few days ago in one website and i'm happy in informing you and it would surely interest you.With this method you can switch off,restart and hibernate your pc by simply sending an email from your phone.Sounds really cool know!!!For this,first you need to have the microsoft outlook with the microsoft office in your pc which you want to shutdown.

Here are the steps:
*First you are going to need the batch file needed to hibernate,restart and shutdown your pc.You can either create them manually or download and extract the zip file from here.You should extract this to your c drive.
*Then,open microsoft outlook and check and make sure that you have already configured that with your active email address.
*Now we need to make the settings in outlook that it checks your email for every 1 minute.
*Do this by Tools->options->mail setup->send/receive button.
*Check that the Schedule an automatic send/receive..is checked and set the number of minutes to 1.
*Then go to Tools->rules and alerts..and then click on the options button in the upper right corner and then click the import rules option.
*Now select the shutdown.rwz file that was found in the sms functions file that we just downloaded.
   *Now,if you send an email from your phone with the subject smsshutdown%%,your computer will shutdown.
You can also define your own rules and then create a own batch file of yours and specify the statement which you should send to trigger that option.
Steps for creating your own statement:
*Select newrule->select start from a blank rule radio button->Check messages when they arrive.
*Select a trigger by checking its box,press next.
*Now select start applicaton,and under the step 2,select the underlined word application.
*Now finally select the batch file and you're done..
If you have and doubts or clarifications,you can visit the website http://www.makeuseof.com/tag/use-microsoft-outlook-rules-to-do-your-bidding-outlook/.