Tuesday, 13 July 2010

A Software to easily increase your windows xp boot speed...

Sometimes we will get angry seeing the time our system takes to boot the operating system.Even,I have experienced it.So,while surfing across the internet with the aim of finding a solution for this,It seems that a company have created a software named Soluto(Name is cool,isn't it).You can download it here.Its a cool looking software which you would surely like during your usage.
Working of the software:
*This software supports all the entry level and the old systems.
*The work done by this software is,it starts during your boot and then categorise your startup programs according to the recommended requirements for proper working of your operating system.
*You can either pause or delay the operation of the start up programs.Pause option is recommended for the novice users and delay option is suitable for advanced users who know which program to delay and which program should remain.
*Your computer may have unwanted startup programs which may not be used by you or by the system but it takes more of the cpu process utilization,thereby slowing up the boot up process leading us to frustration.
*Thereby,from this software,you can look for the unwanted startup programs and clean them by yourself.
Then,the process of implementing fast boot:
*When the software has finished installing,it asks for restart of your system.You can either restart using the software or you can restart manually later.
*On the boot after restart the desktop,at the startup,shows a curl at the lower left hand side and then the software loads your startup programs.

*The most coolest part here is that,it also shows us the time taken to boot up our pc and when we pause or delay the start up programs the time also reduces,and so a faster boot.
*In the next step,you can see the list of your startup programs listed within some minutes and then you can pause or delay the start up items.
The next cool feature in this software:
*The next coolest feature in this software is the ongoing frustration research and the My pc just frustrated me option.
 *Ongoing research option is used for researching your programs to notify you about the recent most resource consuming application during the runtime of your pc.
*'My pc just frustrated me option' Shows the frustration suspects that is taking more cpu utilization and that is not essential for the smooth running of your pc.

So,with this program you can considerably increase your pc boot time and thereby saving your time and also your frustration.I have seen some programs in internet like boot timer,but this is the best of all i have found.Just give it a try and see the difference for yourself....


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