Friday, 26 March 2010

Using gmail as a virtual hard disk space

Hi everyone,have you ever thought that you could use the massive email client program "Gmail" as your storage space,if no then carry on reading...Gmail is,no doubt,the worlds largest email program and we can send and receive mails to our contacts through gmail.Gmail produces approximately 7430MB and thats 7.4GB.Our mails often dont take too much size and yes,we can use the remaining space as a storage space if you fall short of hard disk space..

For this there is a software called gmail drive which is a shell extension program to create another drive along with your other drives in your windows explorer and in my computer.You can get it hereBut we can't expect lifelong backup by using gmail drive.Its a third party application and if gmail thinks to reject it,then gmail drive won't work..Anyway its a nice way to use up your unused gmail account space... You can adjust your settings in the login settings found on gmail drive icon in my computer..Always select move to drafts option at settings to prevent forming junk content at your gmail inbox..

Alternate way:
An alternate way is using an firefox extension to use up your gmail space as online gmail storage or online hosting to gmail's server..after each uploads,you will receive mails informing you of uploading that file in to your account.You can download it here,its a safe to use addon..