Friday, 9 July 2010

Using USB flash drive as a RAM in windows xp.

Hi everyone,we all know how to use RAM booster in windows 7 and windows vista for using the USB flash drive as a virtual RAM to boost up your pc.Recently i found a software on the net which can run on windows xp,me and 2003.It would be more useful for those who have windows xp running on old systems which tend to be slow during processing.

The software used for this is the eBoostr and its available for free download.You can download it HERE.Only the trial version is available for free download.The trial version can run only for 4 hours from the start of your pc,however you can restart your pc after 4 hours and use it for another 4 hours and so you can run the evaluation version all thorough your life.You need to have USB 2.0 ports as the lesser versions lags in speed when used with this software.Its very handy and portable and the latest version eBooster 4.0 is only 3.5MB in size.So,all xp users,use this software and see a dramatical increase in your pc.
NOTE:This software is tested and doesn't cause any damage to your USB flash drive.


Krishna Ram said...

but, constant writing and erasing reduces the life of flash drives and it'll not b tat efficient too coz, it's an EEPROM and not a RAM.

I thnk v can better use the available RAM in our PCs or upgrade our hardware instead of using programs like these..

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