Saturday, 17 April 2010

The future concept digital roll laptop..A boon for laptop lovers..

This news will bring an anxiety and enjoyment within the laptop lovers..Yes,the easy roll over laptop has now emerged over to the imagination of Haohua which forms the unique concept and overtook with the already emerged concept laptops..It can be absolutely considered as the next generation laptop..It looks like a book like structure in its folded form and it can be folded down to unveil the monitor and the transparent keyboard..We should surely appreciate the overwhelming efforts put forward by the roll laptop designer Haohua..The whole credits goes to him only..

This design would surely inspire and stir the minds of other such laptop designers and they would definitely strive hard to provoide a better design than this..And if it strikes the market then no wonder the stocks would vanish within the first day of its introduction..We will surely get better products than this and it lies in imagination skill..We know the imagination has no ends..Another pic of the roll over laptop in its folded form,see how compact it is..


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