Sunday, 12 December 2010

Some of the MS powerpoint mistakes that we often commit and tips to avoid that

A lot of times when you want to present, powerpoint presentation is used to help deliver your point across the audience. The audience will see your pictures and point over the screen as you talk.
As easy as it is to make a presentation for your speeches, it is also quite easy to make mistakes. What more you won't notice these mistakes because you think it is the right way to do it. In the end, these mistakes will just bore your audience and your presentation have failed.

If presenter are writing everything inside one slide, then that is a mistake itself. The reader is going to know everything just by reading the slides.If you want to do that then why not just make a video with word.That's the same as just writing the entire speech down on a blackboard and not saying a word.

Use as little words as you can or even just place one picture in one slide. This might seem weird but simplicity works. Then explain to them the meaning of the slides on your own.

Being consistent is also important in your presentation. You use Times New Roman in one slide, the next slide contains Calibri and the next is Verdana.
Who would love looking at that mess? Stick to one fonts only when you are presenting your slides. The size of the font should be large enough to the audience sitting far away can read your slides.
Keep to the same theme throughout your presentation. Don't confuse the audience by using different slides themes inside your presentation.
The developers put the transition animation there for a good reason. You can hide different points in a slide and reveal them slowly.
Sometimes, people forget to limit their animation usage. There isn't a single slide or points that have not been animated by them. Eventually the audience will get bored with it.
Use the transition animation sparingly. You can put a few in different slides and make sure it is quick and not flashy.

A lot of times after people finish their presentation, they do not spell check. This simple feature will save you a lot of embarrassment moment where you get corrected from your reader. Using spell checker is not 100% fool proof as you still need to run through your presentation again.
This makes sure your slides are in order and you know the flow of the presentation.
Hope you got benefited from this..


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