Sunday, 12 December 2010

Setting up dual monitors for your pc

Setting dual montiors or even three monitors if very easy and doesn`t require much knowledge of computers.
 Setting up dual monitors only requires that you have a computer, two monitors, and two video cards (or a video card with two inputs). For the purposes of this article we are going to be using a PC with windows XP SP2 on it. The first thing we obviously want to do is me sure both video cards are installed in the computer and the drivers are installed. This is the most technical part of installing dual monitors on a computer. You will need to open the case up and install a second video card. Most video cards are either built into the motherboard or they are installed into an AGP slot on the motherboard. So your best bet is going to be to get a PCIe card because that is most likely the open port you will have.
 Now that you have both video cards installed, plug both of your monitors into the computer and boot it up. You should see the same screen on both monitors or one should be blank. Once windows boots up and you are at our desktop simple right click on an empty part of your desktop and choose “Properties”. Next you will choose the tab that says “Settings” and you should see both of your monitors represented there on the screen. Click the square that is suppose to represent the second monitor. Now you should have two options below that say, “Use this device as the primary monitor” and “Extend my Windows desktop onto this monitor”. You are going to want to make sure that the first option is deselected and the second option is selected. Then click the apply button to make the settings take effect.
 Now move your mouse from left to right and see if it goes properly to the other monitor. If it doesn`t your probably have your monitors in the wrong positions. No problem, just go back to the two boxes and click on the box that is listed as 2 and drag it to the left of the box that says 1 and your monitors should be aligned correctly now. As you can see there is much more functionality here if you want to do more than 2 monitors. You can position them pretty much were ever you want.


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