Friday, 17 December 2010

Effectively retrieve RAR data with Easy RAR Recovery

A lot of problems can arise during work with archives. One of the largest is damaging or deleting these archives. In this case you will need to restore them. One of the best tools in this field is Easy RAR Recovery. This program was made specially to solve issues like this.

Comparing to recovery integrated in RAR tools, recovering results in Easy RAR Recovery is much more reliable. This is because of the unique algorithms which are used in this program. These algorithms can get back archives with all types of damage. It can work not only with solid archives, but with any other RAR archives as well.

This program was made for restoration of all types of RAR archives, created by any RAR archiver. The power of Easy RAR Recovery is enough to get back files where the size is higher than 4 Gb. So no matter what was in the archive: documents, mails, songs, Photos or even movies, it will be returned. Easy RAR Recovery was designed to retrieve RAR archives, but it also works with self-extracting SFX files, which can be also retrieved. After recovery, these files can be used with no troubles.

Another welcome function of this program is the supporting of Unicode. It means that all archives will be retrieved successfully and you will be able to read your files with no complications. The language of files in the archive is not a problem and you will be able to work with them as though they were not damaged at all.

Easy RAR Recovery will function on windows 2000, XP, Server 2003, Vista, Server 2008 and 7. It is very user-friendly in use and you can constantly check your data before restoration. If you have a lot of lost files this function is particularly useful, because you always can take a look at the file before restoring it. Besides, you can see how much of the data is damaged and be restored whether either the entire File or just some sections of it if file is damaged very badly. The last case is highly uncommon.

Easy RAR Recovery is very user-friendly in use. To recover some documents, you just have to run the program and take a few easy steps, which does not require any special knowledge or skills. You just need to select files which you are wanting to restore and then retrieve them. After finishing work, the program will show you results. This way, you can see which data can be restored and which are not possible to restore.

As you can deduce, Easy RAR Recovery is one of the most powerful solutions for RAR recovery. Competitors to this program are not so functional or cost a lot more money. This makes Easy RAR Recovery an excellent choice for any user who want to keep his RAR archives safe.

To test the software, you can first try trial edition and than if you will like this program, you can purchase it. Do not waste your time and money for useless programs and instead buy Easy RAR Recovery and you will never have troubles with RAR files being damaged.


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