Saturday, 20 February 2010

Nitendo DS is a dual screen handheld device developed by Nitendo

Nitendo DS is the dual screen handheld gaming device developed by Nitendo,the giant in gaming devices.It comes with a lcd screen and the other screen is an ordinary screen and a stylus is also given to assist with the touch screen.It comes with an inbuilt microphone.The rich feature in this device is that it comes with wi-fi facility,which means it can be connected to internet in any hot spots having wifi capablity.It also has the bluetooth facility which allows the users to interact with each other within a range of 10-30mts.With all these features nitendo DS scores a high spot among the other available gaming devices.

With the invasion of nitendo DS people are slowly erasing their thoughts of having bulky gaming consoles at home.More people are interested in playing games on the move.Nitendo DS will surely bring a next gen gaming experience to the world.For beginners it is the only console with touch screen and dual screen with touch interaction facility

It comes with an lithium ion battery.On the full charge the battery lasts for 10 hours,and on maximum brightness they last for 5hours  and on minimum brightness they last for 22hours,some cons are:Battery life is affected by speaker volume,use both the screens,backlighting and using of wireless connectivity

Anyway Nitendo DS gaming console will surely bring a slight change in the mind of gamers....


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