Saturday, 20 February 2010

Apple ipad:-Information you need to know

Apple finally revealed its tablet computer called ipad in SanFrancisco.This device looks like a larger version of apple ipod touch and i will be available in all over the world within 3 months and it costs at $499.

Review about ipad:

Apple released its ipad similar to large iphone or ipod touch.It has a 9.7 inch touch,which has a multitouch feature same as in iphone,apple's magic mouse and its notebook trackpads.It also has the plane switching display technology which made its debut in some imac's.

Features in ipad
 Along with its long screen it has a 1ghz apple processor chip and apple says that we can get 10hrs of  video which is the same capablity as of iphone.The ipad will come in 16,32 and 64 gb storage capacities at $499,$599 and $699 respectively.It also has an wifi and 3g facility.3g is offered by AT&T.It has 2 plans,

1.$15 a month for 250mb of usage
2.unlimited for$29.99 a month

Other pro's:

1.ipod just weighs 1.5 pounds and the weight of 3g version is slightly higher.
2.The screen resolution in 1024x768
3.It can play 720p HD video

Lot of apps compatible for ipad is being developed by various companies,so its sure that the ipad tablet will make a great feel and a change in everyone's mind..Lets wait and see.


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