Wednesday, 30 March 2011

Changing Start menu name in windows xp...Its free...!!!

Sometimes when we see the classic start menu option in the windows xx(any version),we see a 'START' label in the button of start menu,which becomes bored and monotonous after some years of using windows.But there is a way of changing the label name of the start menu button.So,let us try to experiment it.
First step:Modify the explorer.exe file using resource hacker:

We should download resource hacker,by which we can modify,edit,insert and delete .res(resource) files in windows.Download the resource hacker from here. First make a copy of explorer.exe found in c:\windows\explorer.Start resource hacker and then locate explorer.exe.We are using string table now.Expand the string 37 followed by highlighted 1033.If you are using classic layout locate the string 38.we are going to modify the item 578 labeled as start.Just double click on the start string and then modify the name excluding the label and then its half done.

Second step:Modify the registry files:

Now the name is modified,we need to do some modification  in the registry to display the final label name.Go to Start->Run->Regedit or win key+R then,follow the path..
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\ SOFTWARE\ Microsoft\ Windows NT\ CurrentVersion\ Winlogon
And in the right pane double click the shell entry to open the edit string box and in the value string data enter the name you gave to modify(Eg: pctips.exe) and then give ok and then logoff and login again or reboot the entire system and when you are back in you should now see your own customised modified start menu label in your system..Enjoy customizing...:)


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