Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Some Useful Tips to Get Rid of Spam

In under some important circumstances when we open the inbox and found it's flooded with unwanted junk mails and we delete all those mails one by one then found our expected mail. It is quite annoying and almost all of us get this type of emails regularly. But the most irritating thing is that deleting these mails doesn't mean that the problem has been resolved. You will get these types of spam next day as well. Do you want to get rid of spam permanently and prevent it from coming to your email inbox? To learn this, go through this article.
Before jumping into the solution, let's discuss what is spam? This is referred as unwanted commercial mail addressed to the receiver without their knowledge. To get rid of spam, you need to remember some simple things. You can also consult an email support provider. There are many such service providers who offer tech support to the PC users.
Internet Explorer is the most popular Internet browser but it is not so much effective to block spam. Instead of IE, you should use some alternate browsers like Mozilla Firefox or Apple's Safari. These browses come with built-in spam filtering tools that is stronger than Internet Explorer.
Using an anti-spam warfare is a very wise decision in this context. Do you shop online? If yes, it is suggested to use an alternate email account for account registrations. Those who are enthusiastically committed to an online forum, they should keep their email private. Change the settings and only allow moderators to view your email id.
In some spam mails you will find an unsubscribe link inside that email. It is suggested not to click it. You may get the spam emails even more than before after clicking. This is because once you click on this link, one email will be sent to the sender by which they will understand that it is an active id.
While forwarding mails, be careful. Sometimes, we get good emails which we want to share with our friends or beloved ones. Every time the mail is forwarded, it includes the sender's email id. Gradually the list of ids becomes heavier and the spammers take those ids to send spam mails. So, when you are forwarding an email, delete all the existing email ids and then send the email. Sometime, spammers also send catchy message and ask to share it with friends. So, if you get any message from unknown sender, don't open it, just click on the delete button.
By following the above mentioned steps you can protect your inbox from unwanted junk emails.


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