Friday, 10 December 2010

Five Great Tips to Save on Printer Ink and Paper in Your Home Office

I have a few ideas about saving ink and paper and am sure that everybody else working in a home office does as well. Here are some of the great and common ideas that home office experts have come up with to save on ink, ink cartridges and paper.

Reduce, reuse
Shop for deals and returns
Try refills
Put four images on one page for draft work
Use all the ink

Do not print everything – Just because there is an image or text on the screen in front of you does not mean that you need to print it. This especially goes for internet pages. An internet page will find ink and ink cartridges working overtime to blend all the colors together for the desired look. If you must print the page use black ink only and save the other three for your presentation drafts.

Reuse/reduce – Just so it’s not left out of the mix, use both sides of the page. You might also find savings in using the legal size paper that you only used 20 sheets of. Mine sat forever until I began using it for drafts. If there is a large presentation coming up think about putting 4-6 printed pages on one page. Ink will go that much farther and since you are really just trying to get a look at how it will look the size shouldn’t matter too much. This will save loads of ink cartridge and paper.

Deals/returns- When you do run out of ink shop at a store that will give you a deal on recycling the ink cartridge. If you are replacing all four ink cartridges at one time there are stores out there that will give you Rs.300, which of course will go toward theRs.1500 or so for new ink cartridges.

Refills – Some swear by refills others do not. If they work for you go for it. Refill Ink is an individual thing and can save some cash so you decide. So try refills as it may make a difference to the overall cost.

Use all the ink The low ink window is like a bell ringing for a dog. The window comes up and a trip to the store is needed right away. Don’t be swayed. There is likely quite a bit of ink left in the ink cartridge. Remember that the ink comes out in a spray so it doesn’t take much. Use it all and then shake the ink cartridge to break any Ink clogs up, especially in humid climes.
There are like many more home office tips and tricks that can be used to save money in the home office. The real trick is to slow down half a step and think about the actions that your hands are making. If you have gotten into a particular habit you could be wasting materials like ink cartridges and ink.


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