Wednesday, 24 February 2010

How to edit and control the startup items in windows xp..

System startup time is the mainly influencing factor in an individual's operation.Sluggish startup may irritate us to a great extent in waiting.You can edit and remove the unnecessary/unwanted startup items using msconfig option or by using tune up utilities software.

Using msconfig:
Go to Start->Run->type msconfig->select startup tab and then you can view all the startup items present in your operating system and you can view the selected startup items that are loaded using every windows startup.Enable/disable necessary startup items to make a faster windows start up.NOTE:Dont mess with other features in the msconfig dialog box if you don't have proper knowledge with that...

Using Tune up utilites:
Tune up utilities is another great software for modifying your computer's look/performance and also you have various tools to optimize and improve your system's performance.For changing the windows startup using this software,just open  the main windows and then select increase performance and then you can find the start up manger at the bottom of this dialog box or the alternate way is Start->All programs->Tune up utilites 2009->Utilities->Tune up startup manager and you can optimize the startup.
You can find the tune up utilities 2009 serial key here


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